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1. Without comisions and expenses
All the bets that you realize since our web site, already was National Lottery or Active Games, sleep without expenses neither comisions.
2. lottery business
If he is not a registered user, it can give of discharge his company or collectivity across the page register, once completed accede to the page Lottery for Companies with his user's name and login and request the discharge in the service to companies, from where it will be able to make ourselves come also his comments (n º brought near of tenth, wished completion etc.). Our service after activating his account will send an e-mail confirming to him the discharge and it will facilitate him the code with which his employees will have access to the lottery reserved by you, once has received the confirmation of discharge already it will be able to formalize his reservations.
3. Participations
We have IT programs for the confection of participations of national lottery that allows us to make them totally personalized, inserting in the same ones the logo of his Company, Association, Rock, etc... Put in touch with us and we him will send some samples.
4. All kinds of combinations.
For combinations limited or determined in official alone ticket it has to enter electronic Tickets Lae, unload or execute the wished ticket and later envienoslo to info@lapastoreta.es indicating his information. For the payment, register if still he is not a client registered and deposit balance in his client's account.
Also it can develop all kinds of combinations of all the games with programs which you have and us send them; or to ask us that we develop them for you.
Shortly we will extend these options of game.
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977 006 530
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