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La suerte asociada a nuestra comarca viene de lejos, de muy lejos...

It was 1592 and Pest raged in the town of Reus, nobody knew how to combat it.
In spite of such a disgrace, life went on, and young Isabel Besora, known as "la Pastorcilla" (Shepherdess), used to go with her flock of sheep outside the city, every day.
One day, the Virgin Mary appeared to her and said, "if the fellow citizens of Reus recover the ancient devotion to light the candle that had burned long without rest in the church, the plague will disappear". La Pastorcilla, very happy ran to the town hall to explain what had happened, but obviously they did not believed her and treated her as a visionary.
The next day, very early, Isabel returned to the same place where the Virgin appeared to him and praying he implored him to return. The Virgin appeared and Shepherdess explained that he had believed. The Virgin then gave a kiss on the cheek leaving marked the image of a rose. With this clear evidence La Pastorcilla was believed, was renewed devotion to the Candela and the plague disappeared.

The luck of La Pastorcilla, LA PASTORETA, has endured over the years. Today, in the form of prizes, from the lottery that bears his name. As La Pastorcilla we also provide evidence, because from the beginning we have been lucky to share three first prizes and one second of National Lottery millionaires various pools and primitive and the second prize of El Niño of 2008 graced with 23 million euros. Los inicios de LA PASTORETA se remontan a diciembre de 1985. Originally born as the lottery number 6 of Reus and was located in the Carrer Ample of that city. But that would only give the physical situation, because LA PASTORETA born when Mrs. Lozano Encarna shapes and soul. It is she who in April 1991, decided, for commercial reasons and study previous quake, move it to its present site, located at the Place de la Pastoreta. Throughout this journey got with his kindness, gentleness and management know-how that grows to be the reference lottery in the province of Tarragona.
We make special mention of the telluric lines that govern this space, first by underground currents that cross, that endow it a particular magnetism, and secondly because it was here that the miracle happened highlight of our region, which you know.
Just as La Pastorcilla fought with his faith of the plague to the city, us with our own luck in trying to fight every day to people in their economic sorrows, giving illusion while awards.

Now through the web or lapastoreta.es lapastoreta.cat, I put it easier for you to buy your bets on any games of state lotteries and bets from anywhere and anytime, without having to go to administration and without surcharge.

LA PASTORETA te lo pone fácil,
LA PASTORETA trae suerte!!!

Esto ha sido posible gracias a la ilusión de las personas que trabajamos aquí, pero sin ninguna duda, no hubiese sido posible sin la colaboración de todos ustedes, que hacen que la complicidad y la ilusión se unan y se de la magia.

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