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1. I must  register to use the web services?
It is not imprescindable to be registered in our system to be able to use it, thougt is very advisable.
Make sure that all yourself information should be correct, since in case of a major prices we will have to verify your identity.
2. How to buy
Select the game that you wishes of the menu placed in the left part, mark your bets and touch the option "To validate", if you wants to realize more bets, return to select the wished game following the same process, at any time you will be able to visualize your order touching the option "My purchase" placed in the top right part, once it has completed your order touch the option "To continue order". From this screen it will be able to select as you want to do the payment of your order, after select the option pulsate "To confirm payment". If you are a registered user introduce your user`s name and key, if you are not registered, completed the form with your information and pulsate "To continue order".After the validation in the terminal LAE you will receive an e-mail confirming yours bets.
3. Systems of payment
3.1 Credit card.
This sistem of payment is realized across a gangplank of payment of "La Caixa", with all the guarantees of saffety that this carries. Lottery "La Pastoreta", does not have access never to the information of the users credit cards. Once accepted the operation yours bets will be validate.
3.2 Transfer.
Once selected this form of payment, the system will send you an e-mail with the number of our account, where you must do the transfer, indicated de order number. Yours bets will be validate when we have conformity of the operation.
3.3 User account.
To be able to use this system you will have to be registered and you must have deposited balance, by transfer or credit card.
4. hourly validation
Monday: de 9:00 AM to 20:00 PM
Tuesday: de 9:00 AM to 20:00 PM
Wendsday: de 9:00 AM to 20:00 PM
Thursday: de 9:00 AM to 20:00 PM
Friday: de 9:00 AM to 20:00 PM
Saturday: de 9:00 AM to 13:30 PM
Have care on having realized Weekly Bets, (Bonoloto and Primitive) the system puts him the dates in which the tickets were validated, these dates it can use as reference. Everything what is received after the closing time will be validated for the immediately later drawing.
Weekly alone Bonoloto can carry out on Mondays and Saturday, if it is received after the closing time, the system stores it to be validated the following week, the same thing happens with Primitive Weekly it is possible to validate from Monday until Thursday inside the commercial schedule.
CONFIRMATIONS: Once validated the bets there will receive an e-mail of confirmation of validation, if this e-mail was not receiving it before the drawing, debit of claiming it urgently.
For Euromillones's drawing it must have the precaution of which the terminals are closed at 20:00 exactly of every Friday, do his forecasts.
5. Electronic Sure Trade.
Once selected the products, the client proceeds to the purchase clicking the corresponding button of payment of the web of the trade.
The client is directed a sure page of
The Caixa € in that the information is requested him
Of the card:
- N º of card (BREAD)
- Expiry date
- CVV (Code of check of the card)
Once the client introduces the information of payment, the operation is sent to the issuing entity of the card, which will validate, of the form established with his client, the authentication of the operation. For example, if the issuing entity of the card is The Caixa, to the client there will request a code of the only use that him envia in a message to his mobile phone.
The issuing entity verifies the genuineness
Of the ownership.
It informs the client about the result of the operation.
The client can pulsate Continue € to return to the trade or To stamping € to obtain a voucher of the payment. It is at the time when the entity returns the control of the navigation for the trade, once finished the process of payment.
If his card is not enabled to operate in Electronic Sure Trades it will not be accepted, put in touch with his bank company, to enable her.
6. Conditions of Purchase for Internet.
The buyer promise to satisfy the payment of his order for adbanced. The revenue in our account will be the confirmation of the oreder. Also you can use the payment by credit card, this form of payment is instantaneous, with watk we improve more much the validation of yours bets. For e-mail we confirm you the validations as well as the obteined refunds.
The cost for sending of the lottery will be chargeable to the buyer, and will be by urgent transpot to guaranteethe safety. The delivery time will be of 24/48 from the confirmation of payment Also you will be able to choose the deposit the lottery at our Administration without any post.
For purcheises from aot of Spain: the prizes will be tranfereed to an account that you must open in a Spanish Bank.
On having done your order you accepts all these conditions.
The rules ore goberned by spanish law.
7. Collection of awards.
Every working day after a celebration of the draw we communicated the results.If someone of yours bets out to be winning, and you are a registered user, automatically the amount will be pait in your user account, with these balance you will be able to continue buying or carry off the balance to your account.
When the draw is in weekend or in festive the results will be comunicated at the following working day.
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