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La Primitiva
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How to play Primitiva

You have to select a minimum of 6 numbers (from 1 to 49) to place each bet. If you wish, you can select the numbers for each bet or have the system do it automatically for you at random.

The price of a bet is € 1.

You have four methods to play and increase your chances of winning:

  • Simple bets: When you select all 6 numbers only. This way you can play each time before paying up to a maximum of 8 bets on the same ticket.
  • Multiple bets: When you select more than 6 numbers (up to 11) or only 5 numbers in each bet. The amount of the bet depends in this case on the number of combinations you mark.
  • Reduced bets: They are a type of bets in which we try to get the maximum number of bets while minimizing the investment. Of all the possible combinations, we are left only with those that guarantee, that if the selected numbers coincide among the winners in the draw, we will obtain at least winning bets of the selected reduction. You can select one of the reductions we have programmed or download the reduction program and create one yourself. To download the program click Here
  • Peña Bonoloto: We put at your disposal participations of our peña. It is another way to participate in the raffles minimizing the investment but increasing the number of bets to which you have access. If you are interested in playing in a group, click here.

Raffles are held weekly on Thursdays and Saturdays. You can select to participate in one of them (the next one to be held) or in both if neither have been held yet. In the latter case, you will participate with the same combination in both draws.

In addition, with each bet you make, whether on Thursdays or Saturdays, you have the opportunity to play the Joker for € 1 more, in which you can win up to 1 Million euros: Simply by placing your La Primitiva bet, choose to participate in the Joker and you will be assigned a 7-digit code (printed on the virtual ticket) with which you will participate in this associated game, and you will therefore be eligible for these prizes in addition to the usual La Primitiva prizes.

During the draw, in addition to the 6 winning numbers, a complementary number and a refund (from 0 to 9) are drawn. The objective is to give the opportunity to raise their prize to whoever has matched exactly five of the six numbers in the winning combination and this complementary number in the first case, and to win the bet to whoever has matched the refund. You do not choose the refund of your receipt, but it is assigned randomly by the Central Lottery Systems.

In each draw in which you participate, this refund will be checked and, if you have succeeded, you will receive the prize corresponding to the value of the daily bet of that receipt.

You will have a prize if you match at least 3 numbers.

The draws take place on Thursdays and Saturdays at 9:40 p.m.

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