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Sharing bets is a natural impulse, we just have to look at the tradition that exists of buying Christmas lottery shares or sharing tickets. In the case of supporters clubs, it means going a little further, since it implies the commitment to play a certain number of bets and contribute the agreed amounts. By playing in a group our possibilities increase by having access to more bets, with a smaller investment. We also add a social dimension, since we share the emotion with the members of the peña.

A lottery club is a group of people who play the lottery sharing the same lottery number or a bet, whether it be the Primitiva, Euromillions, Quiniela ... distributing the prizes in proportion to the amount invested by each participant. In this way, players can place more bets, each investing a smaller part than if they made the bets individually.

To form a lottery club, it is necessary to bring together a group of people interested in playing a lottery number or bet, sharing the cost of the bet and the prizes obtained.
After having brought the group together, it must be decided which bet or number is to be bought, with what frequency and who will be in charge of making the purchase or bet. It is also important to set a deadline for paying the amounts.

We could say that there are as many types of clubs as there are games and types of lottery today. On the other hand, according to the participants, they could be classified into clubs of friends, co-workers, neighborhood associations ...

From La Pastoreta we offer you different clubs every week so that you can participate playing in a group. Choose the one you like the most, or create your own with our option to share bets. In our blog you will find a tutorial where we explain the steps to follow.

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